yesterday Laura and i watched "Julie and Julia" and it reminded me of this blog. lots of things have happened since 2008; much of it sad, most of it good. about 3 years ago my life as a married person ended; about 7 months ago my life a single person ended. about 3 years ago also i started riding motorcycles; and about 1 month ago i had my 3rd accident and have since started driving my truck regularly again. about 4 months ago i started rock-climbing; see aforementioned motorcycle accident as to why i haven't been "back on the wall" in a month. :-/ still working at the same company; still working on much the same systems; not working with many of the same people - funny thing when you work in tech for 8 years at the same place (18 years overall so far) - faces change but the story remains more or less the same - everything's fine, we're growing, set-backs were expected, now we're leaner so we can go faster, now we're growing, soon we'll be profitable, etc. light bright lights eventually this all becomes ignorable background. life goes on. :) so now that i'm back to this blog thing what to write about? what matters in this life that ANYBODY who doesn't know me (i.e., is a FaceBook friend) would care to waste time reading. honestly i have no idea...

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